Certificates Of Achievement             

Barron, 3 year old male Belgian Malinois.
90001, 90002, 90003

Certificates Of Achievement For Barron And Jerry

Certification of Novice Obedience - Level 1

Certification of Novice Obedience - Level 2

Certification of Novice Agility - Level 1

Certification of Novice Agility - Level 2

Irondog International 2005

Irondog International 2006

Small Animal Health Fair

Working Dogo Canario Alliance Level 1

Working Dogo Canario Alliance Level 2

Working Dogo Canario Alliance Level 3

Service Dogs Of America Family Obedience

K-9 Gladiators Amateur Division

K-9 Gladiators Semi-Pro Division

K-9 Temperament & Protection Association

American Street Ring Certificate

Personal Protection Dog Association 2004

Personal Protection Dog Association 2006

Georgia American Pit Bull Terrier Association

United Kennel Club Family Obedience

United Kennel Club Protection 1 Obedience

Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation 2010 - 2011

Tri City K9 Club UKC Approval


Barron teaching kids at Northside High School in Columbus, GA. about behavior modification, animal safety, prevention of dog attack and action if attacked by dog.


Barron just chillin' with the fellows.

Barron at work.

Barron at work.

Barron working with Georgia Police Dept. and working dogs in Robins, GA.

Letters Of Appreciation


Hey, how are you doing? So glad you made it to the trial. We enjoyed meeting you and hope we will see more of you. You did a great job with your dog coming in blind as to what we do. Most people could not have done this. Wish we had more time to talk, maybe someday we will. Hope you like SDA enough to be a part of it. We need good people and great trainers like yourself to help get this out there for other people. Again Jerry, it was great meeting you.  Here is the trophy you won.  And thanks for coming.

Belinda Waddell

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